Launch Towers Tumble at Cape Canaveral's Historic Complex 17


The site hadn't been used for a mission since 2011, but it did the job for more than 50 years launch everything from the earliest rockets to modern day boosters.

Opened in 1957, the historic launch towers were retired today after half a century of activity and more than 300 rocket launches, reports BGR.

The THEMIS spacecraft atop a Delta II rocekt stands on Launch Complex 17B before launch.

The complex, and its towers, was originally built in 1956 for use with the PGM-17 Thor missile, the first operational ballistic missile the USA possessed, according to NASA.

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The twin towers of launch complex 17 came crashing down each falling in opposite directions after near simultaneous detonations of demolition explosives.

It was an unusual reaction to destruction on a launch pad.

"This is the busiest spaceport in the entire world, right here in Brevard County in Florida". New Moon Express project undertook to build a new complex for devices that will help in the future development of the moon. "The work that goes on here is absolutely remarkable, and we look forward to the successes of Moon Express as they work on the same ground as the LC-17 Crews, and you have some pretty big shoes to fill".