HTC To Launch ‘Exodus’ Blockchain Smartphone This Fall


Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is partnering with the popular blockchain title CryptoKitties ahead of the launch of its blockchain smartphone "Exodus", TechCrunch reported.

Past few Years, we could see that HTC didn't do any good in their Smartphone game where none of their Phones did well in the Market and faced huge losses.

The HTC Exodus will run on Android and will include built-in support for blockchain applications - as well as a universal cold wallet for cryptocurrencies. He later added that there is already "famous" experts looking into a variety of different consensus protocols that might make Exodus mobile mining a reality. The game, which is built on blockchain technology, will allow you to collect, breed, and even sell one-of-a-kind creatures called CryptoKitties - in short, it's an experiment with blockchain gaming, and it could pull in some of the folks who are interested in blockchain but aren't insane about cryptocurrency.

The smartphone is expected to get nearly flagship stuffing, but details about it were not disclosed.

HTC has not revealed any other specifications related to the Exodus. This is the company's blockchain-focused device, making HTC the first major brand to roll out a phone based around blockchain.

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The specs for Exodus remain unknown, however, Chen did confirm that the blockchain smartphone will definitely be available "everywhere outside of China" explaining that China will be a more hard market due to "different rules, everywhere from regulations to how Android even works". Chief Crypto Officer Phil Chen and his team have set themselves high goals. The skepticism probably steams from the fact that Blockchain industry, with all its palpable hype, is still in a very nascent stage to offer this phone any real market.

The effect was a massive decrease in the revenue, and it sunk to a record 68%, which is the biggest drop the company has witnessed in the last two years.

For now, all we know is the Exodus is being billed as a phone that will help users "take back the internet", but what that means exactly is unclear.

A dedicated website for HTC blockchain phone is also active.

Earlier this week, HTC released some specs about their upcoming phone called the Exodus, and an estimated release date.