Celebrating the App Store’s 10th Anniversary: 5 significant milestones


That expanding view of the business is reminiscent of why Moment even became a business - to give mobile photographers different fields of view through their phones. You can shoot in RAW, control exposure/ISO/shutter speed/focus/white balance, analyze all of your photo metadata in a DSLR-like format, and see a real-time histogram to know exactly what your exposure is like. Double-tapping the screen separates focus and exposure for properly shooting in tricky environments.

As I discovered a week ago while trying to find a third-party camera app for Android with manual controls, nearly everything in the Play Store is pretty bad. There are also charts showing how often you're picking up your phone, and how many notifications you're getting from which apps.

For video, the app enables automatic video stabilization.

While the victor won't surprise you, there are a few interesting apps on the list. While this function isn't unique to the Moment app, it's still nice to have. On dual-lens iPhones, the app lets you choose which lens to shoot from (wide-angle or telephoto). Moment's app and lenses help me do more with my smartphones. Ten years later you'll find more than two million of them. It allows you to use a DSLR-like shutter button on your phone, and add extra battery with the Battery Photo Case. Just three days later, the number of apps on offer has climbed to 800, and the total number of downloaded apps has already reached 10 million. We appreciate the clean and elegant interface, but still have easy access to the various camera parameters without having to drill through menus.

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Third-party apps for managing the time we spend on our smartphones have been around for years, but there now seems to be a collective realization from the technology makers themselves that all this time staring at screens might not be good for us. While it complements Moment lenses, the app works great without one, and is ideal for advanced users like YouTubers.

Although these aren't the apps that made the most money - some apps cost more than others, and some are free with premium paid features - the lists do show which apps were popular enough to be top paid app for the longest periods of time.

What's more, notifications from iOS 12 onwards can be tweaked so alerts from certain apps don't appear in the status bar or don't appear at all. Check out our favorites for iOS and Android, as well as the best camera apps for shooting RAW.