1South Africa to view longest eclipse in a century


All of South Africa will see a total eclipse of the moon on Friday evening, 27 July, starting at 20h24, according to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa.

The longest total lunar eclipse of the century will take place on Friday July 27 and Europe is in prime position to admire the spectacle.

During a lunar eclipse, the moon appears to be red because it lines up perfectly with the Earth and sun such that the Earth's shadow totally blocks the sun's light.

This month, the world is going to observe the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, on July 27th 2018.

"The moon is always in ideal line with the Sun and the Earth, so we don't get a lunar Eclipse in every lunar cycle, said brad Tucker, an astronomer at the Research school of astronomy and astrophysics at the Australian national University".

- We were lucky in Ukraine can be observed in nearly all phases of the total lunar Eclipse. "The total phase of the eclipse - called the totality - spans 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds", said EarthSky's Bruce McClure.

However the brightness of the red colour depends on how dirty the atmosphere is due to volcanic eruptions - and experts don't believe this particular blood moon will display a strong red.

"The Moon is not always in flawless alignment with the Sun and the Earth, so that is why we do not get a lunar eclipse every lunar cycle", Brad Tucker, an astronomer with the Australian National University's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, said in a statement. The moon will appear slightly smaller because it is farther from the Earth.

"It will last several hours - when you get a real feeling of the Earth and moon shifting in space", astronomer Tom Kerss, of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which will live stream the eclipse, told The Guardian.

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But don't worry, even if you don't manage to find a flawless spot, you'll still be able to get a good view of the red moon as it rises in the sky.

Stages and time of the lunar eclipse that will be visible in Singapore on July 28, 2018.

Andrew explained that the eclipse in the city will start at 9.38pm.

The UK falls slightly outside of the ideal viewing range, meaning people will see the full eclipse for only 84 minutes of the total time.

Well, whether you think it'll be the end of our existence or just another lunar eclipse, one thing's for sure.

While the planet Mars will find itself directly opposite the sun on the celestial sphere with the Earth right in the middle of the action.

The lunar eclipse will begin at 10.45 pm and then will end at 4.58 am, the next day.

An opposition can occur anywhere in the planet's orbit and when it happens while Mars is at its closest to the sun, the event is known as perihelic opposition.

You can also watch the lunar eclipse online: The Virtual Telescope Project in Rome will be streaming the cosmic show here.