Woman gets head stuck in truck tailpipe


There's no word on who's going to foot the bill for the impromptu modification to the truck's exhaust pipe.

An underage drinker got her head stuck in a auto tailpipe at a country music festival.

Speaking of which, it was all caught on tape and posted to Facebook by a bystander, and from there, it went viral, catapulting the 19-year-old to worldwide fame.

Authorities said the woman has since been cited for underage drinking and was escorted from the festival after being removed from the tailpipe. That didn't stop her good humor, however.

Rather than hiding her face, she appeared on the front page of her local paper, The Litchfield Independent Review.

She was stuck for 45 minutes before Winsted Fire Department cut her free.

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If you're asking yourself, "Kaitlyn ... why?"

"I saw this big exhaust pipe and I was like, 'Hey, my head could probably fit in that, '" she explained to the Hutchinson Leader. "It did fit, but it didn't want to come back out", Kaitlyn continued. "But, I trusted everyone who was around that knew to get me out safely", Kaitlyn added.

Strom didn't know the owner of the truck, but he was just happy that she turned out OK.

"I'm just brushing it off, because that's expected to happen", she said. As it turns out, this also implied having one drink too many - enough to get her thinking sticking her head in a large truck's exhaust pipe would be the most awesome thing she could do.

Ironically, the bar is called "Darwin Tavern".