Wild animals that escaped German zoo have been found


Three lion cubs were born on April 14, 2018 at the zoo.

A bear had also escaped from the privately owned Eifel zoo, but was shot, a local official told AFP.

The animals escaped from a zoo in Lueneburg in western Germany after flooding caused by storms eroded fences, allowing them to break out, local authorities said.

The caution has come even though the escaped animals are still believed to be on the grounds of the zoo.

In addition, wild animals have broken out of the zoo. Police say they are responding the situation but now have no further details.

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The animals have escaped from their enclosures at the Eifel Zoo in the western town of Luenebach, which is near the border with Luxembourg and Belgium.

The storm had caused widespread devastation in the region, where many residents were Friday clearing muddy water from their cellars and removing downed trees.

In an earlier zoo incident two year ago, two lions broke out of their cages at the Leipzig zoo. One was shot dead and the other was forced back into its cage, according to the BBC.

In the end, a drone sighted the remaining escapees inside the zoo compound.