Trump Says He’ll Know Outcome of North Korea Summit After One Minute


Kim's detailed command of the issues central to his country's nuclear conflict has impressed US officials who have interacted with him since Trump's diplomacy with the North began. "He has an opportunity, the likes of which if you look in history, few people have ever had".

At worst, the summit will be merely a photo opportunity, exploited by North Korea to heighten the legitimacy of a nation state that is isolated, impoverished and shut out of all major global institutions. I'd like to accomplish more than that, but at a minimum we'll have met each other, seen each other.

After that five-day visit in June 2017, Rodman told reporters: "I'm just trying to open the door".

Donald Trump issued a warning to Kim Jong-un that he was offering a "one shot" deal for North Korea to denuclearise and re-enter the global community.

Eight days after cancelling the unprecedented summit, citing Pyongyang's "open hostility,"Trump welcomed North Korea's former intelligence chief, now under punitive US sanctions, to the White House Oval Office, afterward exchanging smiles and handshakes, and patting his arm in a friendly gesture". May not. But I think I'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen.

"I think President Trump signed onto this thinking that he was going to ride in on a white horse to Singapore, accept a bunch of nuclear warheads, and problem solved", Kristof says.

While he famously attended school in Switzerland, traveling this far as supreme leader is an entirely different matter for someone used to being the most revered, most protected, most deferred to human in his country of 25 million.

Trump gave the comments before departing a contentious G7 conference in Canada, during which he confronted top United States allies over trade and drew scrutiny for calling for Russian Federation to be readmitted to the group of nations - and days before his much-anticipated summit with Kim.

Trump and Kim plan to meet in Singapore on Tuesday.

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"He can take that, with this nation of great people and truly make it great".

Getting a legally binding peace treaty is unlikely in Singapore because "you have to disentangle a lot of United Nations security issues, Security Council issues", said Christopher Hill, a former lead USA nuclear negotiator with the North, who also noted that "as a practical matter, China has to be there".

"I'd like to accomplish more than that", Trump said. Aides said the president has continued to talk about his exploits in the White House.

At stake at the summit are North Korea's nuclear weapons and peace on the Korean Peninsula. "So, I think that could happen".

He also said that the "mainstream, corrupt, destroy-Trump media" was sent into a hysterical fit after the president's actions.

Kim Jong-un, meanwhile, is pursuing a long-sought North Korean demand for a treaty that may be aimed at getting United States troops off the Korean Peninsula and, eventually, paving the way for a North Korean-led unified Korea. "It has to know that its people can eat and that they can have the wealth that the North Korean people so richly deserve", he told Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Trump reiterated his promise Saturday that the U.S. President Trump can not fully suspend sanctions on North Korea unless North Korea agrees to key reforms.

"We'll most likely see an unprecedented scale of protection on land, sea and air as this summit is the biggest issue in the world right now", said Chae Kyou-chir, chief executive of Top Guard, a prominent South Korean security and protection firm.