The volcano strewn Hawaii precious stones


An alert issued Thursday evening said the activity from the volcano hadn't changed much and that Fissure 8 was still producing a "large channelized flow" spreading all the way to the ocean. Kilauea has destroyed more than 600 homes since it began spraying lava out of a vent on a residential street on May 3, 2018.

Activity on Saturday included an explosive event at Halemaumau Crater that had the energy of a 5.3 magnitude natural disaster, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

The USGS said, 'The three closely spaced lava fountains at Fissure Eight are erupting with maximum heights reaching 150 to 180ft'.

A new video is surfacing from the Hawaii National Guard showing a river of lava on the Big Island.

Fissures 16 and 18 also continued to ooze lava. The month-long eruption now covers more than 5,900-acres, a little more than nine square miles.

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Thousands were evacuated and hundreds of homes have been destroyed since the eruption began in May.

Just 90 minutes hot lava of the volcano Kilauea dried freshwater lake Greenlake on the Big Island.

An explosive event at the Kilauea summit on Friday produced an ash plume that rose to 10,000 feet and dispersed, the defense agency said.

Gov. David Ige said Trump approved the request for individual assistance on Thursday. Winds are expected to continue to bring vog to the central, southern and western parts of Hawaii Island.