The 'B' in IHOB stands for ... wait for it ... BURGERS!


Although many guessed it stood for a breakfast food like biscuits, bacon, butter, or even more plausibly, breakfast, IHOP has revealed that the "b" in IHOb stands for "burgers", and that the change is only temporary.

The chain announced the change from IHOP to IHOb on June 4 with a tweet of the "p" in the iconic logo undergoing a flip to become a "b".

For the past week, fans of the restaurant wondered what the mysterious letter b represented. Most people thought it would be "breakfast" or "brunch".

The restaurant's website, still found at claims their new Ultimate Steakburgers are "un-burgerin"-believable".

Burgers was a popular one. Starting at $6.99, folks can get one of their new burgers with a drink and endless fries. The seven burgers are listed as "limited time offers".

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The chain has been known as IHOP since 1958, when the first restaurant opened in Toluca Lake, California.

The company is part of Dine Brands Global, the same company that owns the Applebee's chain.

It's unclear how long the name IHOb will stick, but the new burger menu items seem like they're here to stay.

The announcement came out Monday morning, IHOP is now the International House Of Burgers.