Teens are jumping ship on Facebook for rival platforms


Only 51 percent of American teenagers claim that they used Facebook and a tiny minority of just ten percent claim that they use Facebook more than any other social media platform. Today, roughly half (51 per cent) of United States teens ages 13 to 17 say they use Facebook, notably lower than the shares who use YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat. In that last survey, Facebook was by far the most popular social network among teens, but today's kids clearly prefer more visually expressive social networks like Snapchat and Instagram.

YouTube emerged as teens' preferred platform, with 85 percent saying they use it and 32 percent reporting they use it most often. Notably, lower-income teens are more likely to gravitate toward Facebook than those from higher-income households - a trend consistent with previous Center surveys.

The results of a survey by the Pew Research Center show that Facebook may have lost its edge with teens.

Facebook investors don't appear overly concerned with the findings, as the stock was trading higher by more than 1 percent just before the close Friday at $193.97.

The Pew study also showed that a significant percentage of USA teens play video games ― including computer, console and cellphone games ― which is not surprising.

"The survey, which is the research team's first since 2015 indicates a shift in teens" social media use based on how young people's technology landscape has evolved.

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Those numbers represent a gain by Instagram (owned by Facebook) of 19 points over three years ago, and by Snapchat of 28 points. "But I'm also sure that Facebook will continue to make changes and competitive adjustments to try and attract and retain teens". Back then, only 24% of teens reported being online constantly, which means teen internet usage has almost doubled in the last 3-4 years.

In fact, 59% of teens said they used 3 or more devices to connect online, with the remaining 41% using two. In both categories, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit fell below all of the above social networks.

New research shows that teens are spending more time online but not using Facebook. When asked what impact the online world was having on their live, 31% believed it to be mostly positive, 45% were neutral, while only 24% said it was negative.

A majority of those surveyed, 45 percent, could not say if their experiences with social media were either positive or negative. Interviews were conducted online and by phone from March 7 to April 10, 2018.

The Pew report noted that almost 750 teens were surveyed in one month earlier this year.

Others who found social media harmful cited the potential for online bullying, spreading of false information and addiction. This includes computer, console and mobile games.