Stephen Colbert opening Digs at Trump With Jimmy Fallon


"Hey, low-life!" says Fallon, 43, who seemed to be referring to Trump's reported name for the CBS host at the rally. Fallon says he heard Trump said they are "all no-talent, lowlifes, lost souls".

One day after President Trump spoke about late-night TV hosts at a SC rally, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien teamed up to discuss Trump's comments. O'Brien's "Conan", broadcast on TBS, is on hiatus this week. "Well, guys, give him time".

On "The Tonight Show", Fallon also brought up the rally, but chose not to rehash the president's epithets about him and his fellow late-night hosts.

On the June 26 open of The Late Show, Stephen FaceTime'd Fallon, who said "Hey low-life", when answering the phone. "Hey, lost soul", Colbert replies.

Check the video above to see where Colbert and Fallon decide to go to lunch.

There's nothing unusual about late night hosts taking aim at President Trump during their shows.

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Fallon has not embraced political humor as tightly, but in recent days, even he has railed against Trump.

Once Fallon and Colbert fill in Conan, who appears to be shaving, on their discussion, he responds: "President who? You're the president. Why are you tweeting at me?"

Colbert may have had a hand in getting the idea rolling among the trio. Their back and forth touched on the various tweets Donald Trump has made about them, with Fallon saying he was "mostly whimpering", while Colbert was "busy having no talent". "I have since had my number changed".

The sketch was used as part of The Late Show and The Tonight Show's cold open.

Such collaboration among TV's sundry wee-hours programs is not the norm. His successors, Jay Leno and David Letterman, viewed each other skeptically, rather than with warmth. In 2010, however, the pair surprised the world by holding forth during a promo in CBS' broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV with Oprah Winfrey.