Priest loses temper and slaps crying baby during christening service


Shocking footage shows a Catholic priest violently slapping a baby in the face during a baptism to stop it crying.

Finally, the man believed to be the child's father interjects, and removes the child from the situation before the video cuts out.

The clip shows the baby being held in a woman's arms as she stood beside another woman and man beside a baptismal font in a church.

The parents or god-parents of the child look to be in disbelief, unsure of what they had witnessed as the priest begins to pull the child close to him once again.

The video has gone viral, and leaving viewers understandably upset.

The disturbing video has been circulated on social media, but it is still unclear where it was filmed.

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"I'm going to put water on the forehead, and after I'll embrace the young fellow".

And then stunned witnesses say "he's afraid" and tell the priest to let go.

An onlooker can be heard gasping, as the priest then raises his voice at the boy and places his hand over his mouth in an attempt to muffle the cries.

The family's shock becomes evident when the priest slaps the baby across the face.

Dozens of comments have been left below the original video expressing dismay at the priest's actions. Ohlalalala! I will scream louder than you. gathers that at the start of the ceremony, the woman, believed to be the child's mother, was carrying the child while the priest began proceedings.