Porsche Mission E Renamed Taycan, Electric Car to Launch in 2019


When Porsche back in 2015 first revealed its multi-year plan to develop an all-electric sports auto, it called the forthcoming vehicle the Mission E.

The announcement of the baptism was made by Porsche on Friday during a " 70 years of Porsche Sports Cars" ceremony.

Porsche has been using the Mission E codename quite publicly for a couple years now, since the concept's first debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

It's worth noting that the Taycan name only applies to the Mission E sedan and not its Cross Turismo SUV-ish variant. It's no huge surprise, given in the U.S. at least cars are still legally required to have two side mirrors using reflective glass.

Ever since unveiling the concept, Porsche has been saying that the production version, which is expected to launch in 2019, will remain fairly similar.

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The prancing Taycan isn't short of oomph: its 600-horsepowers can launch it from 0-to-60 mph (96km/h) in under 3.5 seconds, and it should travel over 300 miles on a single charge. The big drain of maximum power can tax the charging (or discharging) system of an electric powertrain and hinder performance.

Now, sit back and watch as the Porsche fanatics debate the new name. Pronounced "tie-kahn", Porsche says the name roughly translates as "lively young horse", as in the one on Porsche's crest, a crest that's remained unchanged since 1952.

Interest in the Taycan has already been huge, Porsche says, though sales aren't expected to kick off in the United States for some time yet.

Porsche said it's planning to spend €6 billion on electromobility by 2022. Automakers are spending billions as they face a period of unprecedented change - stricter environmental regulations are forcing them to offer more battery-powered vehicles even as combustion-engine cars still generate the vast majority of profits.

At the Zuffenhausen HQ, Porsche has a new paint show and dedicated paint shop for the new auto.