New ‘Star Wars’ game titled ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ is coming in 2019


Zampella added that the game will be set during the "dark times" between Episode III and Episode IV of Star Wars. The concept does sound pretty good though.

When it comes to Star Wars video games, the only substantial titles we've gotten come in the form of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise (which just got a new Han Solo season).

We've gathered this and everything else we know so far about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order right here. Zampella played it coy but did reveal a few teasing details including the name and a launch window. The studio is now working on a Star Wars game, a VR gaming experience, and a Titanfall sequel. According to the website, the story turns around a Padawan (a trainee Jedi, and nearly certainly the player character) who survives Order 66 (the aforementioned liquidation of the Jedi). More information is expected at E3 2019 so we'll have to wait a while to see a trailer or gameplay. Players will control a Jedi in Fallen Order, but no indication was made as to specifically "who" they might be controlling.

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The studio first announced the game previous year.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio comprised of ex-Call of Duty developers and current makers of Titanfall, have three projects in the works.