Netflix is dabbling in adding games to its streaming service


According to the initial report, "Minecraft: Story Mode will be delivered via video files and will accept commands via any remote equipped with directional and select buttons".

Telltale's interactive fare is well suited to Netflix's streaming service.

The Netflix series, which debuted its second season last October (and a third is now being made), will be the subject of a new title from Telltale Games, which has worked on the likes of the Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode games in recent years. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company said. "The Stranger Things project is launching on the Telltale platform at a later date", the company told us.

The Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode is a "five-episode interactive narrative series", Netflix said in a statement. More information regarding both Telltale's partnership with Netflix and the in-development Stranger Things game should be forthcoming soon.

"We don't have any plans to get into gaming". TechRadar reports that the streaming company has teamed up with Telltale Games (known for their point-and-click adaptations of The Walking Dead, Batman, and The Wolf Among Us) to distribute some of their games on Netflix this year. As suspected, the Minecraft release will be an "interactive narrative story", similar to the stories the service has featured since last summer.

With Netflix taking over the world with its original programming and vast amount of TV shows and movies, you'd think that it would be content with the money it's making.

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The Stranger Things project, however, is not coming to Netflix.

The source has stated that playable demos have been in existence for almost a year, meaning that the announcement of a partnership may occur any day.

So Netflix is going to be "the Netflix of Telltale games", if anything.

Around the same time, Netflix also collaborated with Hasbro on no less than three board games, including Monopoly, a Ouija board, and Eleven's Eggo card game.

HBO could grow to regret that decision, as Netflix having streaming video games could work to convert the people who somehow don't already subscribe to Netflix to start a subscription.