Murder Victim Eurydice Dixon's Great Uncle Pays Tribute To "Born Performer"


Ms Dixon was walking home after performing a comedy show at Highlander Bar on Tuesday night when she was raped and killed.

Her body was found by a passer-by less than five hours later in the middle of a soccer pitch between Royal Parade and Princes Park Drive at Carlton North.

According to The Age newspaper, she had earlier sent a text message to a friend saying: "I'm nearly home safe, HBU [how about you]".

Dixon was named on Thursday, just hours after police confirmed a 19-year-old man had been charged with one count of rape and one count of murder.

Triple J Drive host Gen Fricker has shared some powerful words in light of the recent tragedy surrounding the sexual assault and murder of Melbourne comedian, Eurydice Dixon.

One quote from the police investigating Dixon's murder has a lot of people-women, especially-upset at the implications.

A vigil will also be held at Princes Park on Monday evening, aimed at reclaiming the space where Ms Dixon was found.

Ms Capp told 3AW radio she would not feel safe walking around at night.

Their knees muddy and their arms linked, rival footballers stand in silence around the flowers that are piling up where Eurydice Dixon was killed.

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Her death has prompted a debate on public safety.

Her body was found less than a kilometre away from her home.

His father Jason Todd told Fairfax his family were in shock and offered Ms Dixon's family "our deepest condolences".

But Eurydice did not make it home safe.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wrote on social media: "In a few days, women across Melbourne will hold a vigil in Princes Park for the life of Eurydice Dixon". In reality, though, it's infuriating to hear, not just because other sorts of crimes don't generally receive the same sort of "common sense" warnings (highlighting the fact that that language really does place the burden of safety on female victims), but because it completely ignores the fact that we already do all of these things.

"When we hear that young women are raped and murdered while walking home at night, it shakes the rest of us to our core".

"Men don't let women be safe anywhere", he tweeted. So, it's infuriating to be told, "Oh, you need to look out for yourself better and you need to be more aware of the dangers", when I think that women are so, so aware of the dangers.

"Football can be seen as a bit of a man's game so we came over here to show a message that we have to show women respect", St Bernard's captain Owen McIntyre said. I worry that my disability makes me too slow to run.