Master Chief Is Back in the Stunning New Halo Infinite Trailer


So far details are scarce on the new title.

They also noted that Master Chief will have a more prominent role in the game than he did in Halo 5.

By almost every measurement imaginable, Microsoft had one of the most successful keynotes we've seen yet here in Los Angeles. While a bunch of exciting games were announced during the conference, it's clear that Microsoft is preparing for a brighter future beyond the Xbox One.

To the surprise of no one, FH4 looks stunning and it's even better in the gameplay footage coming from IGN.

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EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed at its EA Play press event on Saturday that his company will offer a way to stream its games library to smartphones, low-hardware laptops and other devices in the future. For many years though, Xbox has been a multiplayer branded unit, at least generally speaking. Having been independent for a long time, the move will give them a lot more financial security when their games have sometimes struggled to gain the audience they deserve. One of the first battle royale games, "Battlegrounds" is adding new environments and game modes, including a team-based "war mode". That's a bold statement that just enriches the value of the subscription, though you have to think that it's just one "big thing" from away from making new subscribers and also keeping them.

"We embarked on a quest to find creative teams that have the mastery of our art", Spencer said.

For years, gamers and industry pundits have speculated that each console generation from Microsoft and Sony could be the last, as mobile gaming has surged and Microsoft has increasingly bridged its Windows PC and console gaming initiatives.

"With the ultimate freedom to explore and play over 100 great games, Xbox Game Pass delivers our members an incredible value in gaming".