Macron reprimands teen who called him by nickname: 'Call me Mr. President'


The video shows Macron shaking hands in a crowd, when the teenager - using a diminutive for Macron's first name - asks him: "How's it going, Manu?"

The incident occurred during the event dedicated to the call of former President Charles de Gaulle to the people's resistance against Nazi German occupation during the Second world war. "And then you can lecture others", Macron said.

Like most politicians, French President Emmanuel Macron seems to enjoy pressing the flesh and posing for selfies when on public outings. "There you go", Macron was quoted as saying in AFP when he told the boy asking him to behave at the official ceremony.

Righto, so we'll make sure not to call him Macca next time we speak to him.

"Sorry, Mr. President", the teenager said, looking abashed.

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The too-friendly nature of the greeting clearly left Macron perturbed, leading him to promptly chastise the boy in a scene captured on camera and shared across social media, including by the President himself. The boy can be heard apologizing, and Macron continued, in reference to the song he was singing: "You can play the fool but today it's "The Marseillaise" or "The Partisans" Song, '" meaning the French national anthem or the song sung by the French Resistance.

Before the telling off, the teen was spotted singing the global socialist anthem.

He then adds: "The day you want to start a revolution, get a degree and learn to feed yourself, OK?"

Macron tweeted later Monday that "respect is the minimum in the Republic - especially on June 18, especially in the presence of the Companions of the liberation. But that does not stop you from having a relaxed conversation - look to the end".