Love Island's Kendall 'gutted' to be first contestant dumped


Last night Kendall and Adam's three-day-long reality TV constructed romance came to an abrupt end after he savagely dumped her - all so he can crack onto new girl and outside-the-show lawyer Rosie.

As Kendall Rae-Knight tried to be the sensible voice in the conversation explaining the difference between being in Europe and being in the EU, Georgia then said: "Doesn't it mean it would be harder to like, go to like, Spain and stuff?"

Speaking to Adam afterwards, Kendall said: 'Don't feel like you have to explain yourself.

However Kendall insisted she had "no regrets" and didn't want to try and stay in the villa by coupling up with someone she had no feelings for.

But if that has already got you facepalming, we hate to tell you, things got a lot worse.

"You haven't shown any bit of you enjoying being in a couple with me". We were both attracted to each other.

Adam had previously come out and claimed he'd turned down producers requests to star in Geordie Shore, claiming, "I'm not that type of person".

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"I wouldn't want the stereotype of 'Oh, let's go, let's get f**ked.' Like, it's not me, do you know what I mean? Had I seen him in a bar on the outside world, he was someone I would have gone for".

Kendall went on to tip Jack and Dani to do well and praise Dr Alex.

"Laura and Wes were quite an unexpected coupling".

This episode saw Kendall attempt to earn Adam's affections again after he "pied" her off, but with not-so-successful results. But over the past couple of days, they have seemed really close.

Love Island 2018 returns at 9PM on Sunday, followed by spin-off show Aftersun at 10PM where Kendall will chat to Caroline.

Look, we get it, they're a gorgeous looking bunch of girls, but jaysus ladies, read a newspaper once in a while.