Likening US policy on migrant children to Nazis an 'exaggeration': attorney general


No matter what the divisions are over immigration policies, it is unacceptable to separate little children from their parents.

Cooper told JNS that the statements by Scarborough and Hayden, as well as comparisons to Nazi Germany on social media, are "very damaging to collective memory".

It's believed that the Nazis did not have a plan for the systematic annihilation of the Jews until 1941.

Sessions' zero-tolerance policy of illegal border crossings and the decision to treat those crossings as criminal offenses has separated at least 2,000 children from their parents since April, and the White House has declined so far to stop separating minors and their parents.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended President Donald Trump's border policies on Monday night, offering an...interesting rebuttal to critics who compared the administration's immigration practices to Nazi Germany. "If you can't tell the difference between what was done to 1.5 million Jewish children during the Holocaust, and what is going on today with the terrible situation on the border, then you have no reason to be in a position of leadership". "Gen. Sessions, what's going on here?".

"It's a real exaggeration", Sessions said.

Sessions: harsh migrant policy aims to end 'lawlessness'
Jeff Sessions tells Fox News child detention camps nothing like Nazi concentration camps

Here's what happened in Nazi Germany, and the result was a genocide of 6 million Jews.

Of course, comparing Nazis and the Holocaust to anything generally discounts the suffering and persecution that Jewish people and many other minority groups endured, and making such comparisons are often gross and mischaracterizing.

Sessions was responding to critics who have compared the separations of children from parents entering the U.S. illegally to what the Nazis did.

But that doesn't make Sessions' response any less boneheaded. "When you have to explain to people why your policies aren't exactly like Nazi Germany, it's time to rethink your policies", Renato Mariotti, the former federal prosecutor who is now a CNN legal analyst, said.

Looking for news you can trust? But people who want economic migration for their personal financial benefit and what they think is their families benefit is not a basis for a claim of asylum.

Mr Sessions was asked in Monday night's interview on Fox News about a tweet by former CIA Director Michael Hayden likening what happened at Auschwitz concentration camp, where millions of Jews and other minorities were killed, to the separation of undocumented immigrant families at the United States border.

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