India to join Clean Sea Campaign: PM Narendra Modi


Some 86% support supermarkets moving towards more refillable and reusable packaging instead of single-use plastics and more than nine out of 10 (91%) think they should be working towards reducing their overall packaging.

World Environment Day is the United Nation's most significant day of the year for encouraging worldwide awareness and action regarding the preservation of our environment.

"Refuse what you can't re-use".

"Implement the Extended Producer Responsibility programme where manufacturers must be held to account for the entire lifecycle of their consumer products", the statement read.

"It is, therefore, safe to say that most countries have woken up to the environmental impact of plastic bags and bottles", he said.

The Minister said rapid urbanisation and economic development in numerous developing countries, had led to increase plastic use and plastic pollution, saying there were more plastics in the ocean now.

Critics charge that Japanese consumers and retailers use too much plastic, as a mania for elaborate packaging results in nearly everything being wrapped - even single pieces of fruit.

According to statistics released by United Nations, one million plastic bottle drinks are bought every 60 seconds globally.

They urged individuals to reject plastic cutlery, pick-up any plastic they see while on a walk and create awareness on the dangers of plastics pollution among friends and family.

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Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Usman Jibril, made this known on Saturday at a news conference to officially kick-start the activities leading to the commemoration of the World Environment Day on the 5th June 2018.

A pledge made by global and local companies to tackle plastic waste is a "false solution" to a worsening problem, Greenpeace says.

This year, the theme for the Environment Day was beating "Plastic Pollution" and India was the official host.

The event also saw Acting Director of Environment, Parks and Recreation Martinah binti Haji Tamit delivering a speech in which she touched on the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution".

The Prime Minister called on people to join together to Beat Plastic Pollution and make the planet a better place to live. Like all rubbish, plastic waste blocks drains and waterways. By doing so, severe environmental consequences can be prevented and the natural habitat will be liberated from plastics.

Ban on use of plastic should start from every house, he said and emphasised the need to educate people about the protection of environment.

Gujarat has no significant short- or long-term plan yet to "beat plastic pollution".

Every year over 64,000 tonnes of plastic food packaging and plastic bottles is sent to landfill in Scotland, costing £11 million each year.