Google Pixel 3: more features inside


We are still waiting for Google to reveal their new Pixel 3 XL device for 2018 and while Google has been doing a great job of keeping most of the details away from the public, they still can't stop every leak. This feature is known as Edge Sense on HTC's U11+ and U12+ but is also available on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Or to be more precise, we're getting a bunch of conflicting leaks that leave us scratching our head.

Google has the habit of taking away features without warning. This goes for both the company's software and hardware. These are the alleged codenames for the Pixel 3 smartphones. After some digging in the SystemUIGoogle.APK file, the words "Crosshatch" and "Blueline" were found under the Active Edge section. The feature debuted in the Pixel 2 and, while it wasn't exactly a killer feature, it has its fair share of fans. None of the Pixel phones launched to date support wireless charging, but neither the original Pixel nor the Pixel 2 models have glass backs. Although that design may not be reliable evidence, source code is.

Without doubt, the thing most will point to here is that notch, something that has been a polarizing point ever since the iPhone X launched late past year and has continued to divide people even as just about every Android phone maker has followed suit.

Google Pixel 3 will have support for wireless charging
Pixel 3 XL Leak Shows Google Following Apple’s Footsteps with a Notched Display

Again, it's code hidden in the most recent Android P beta that suggests Active Edge is coming back.

For version 1.0, Lawnchair Launcher supports features such as app shortcuts, icon packs, custom grid and icon sizes, and even Google Now integration, all while sticking to a design that is just like Google's own Pixel launcher. The leaked images show the notch cutout on top of the display which houses the earpiece and front camera lens. Ironically, the Pixel 3 will retain its single main camera, despite the industry-wide jump to dual cameras and, soon, even triple cameras.

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