Germany to refuse migrants from July if no European deal found: minister


Trump, said in a tweet.

But the crisis shaking the new administration has come from within Merkel's own conservative family, as her interior minister has pushed for Germany to turn back unilaterally some migrants at its border.

President Donald Trump, who is under pressure over the US policy of separating immigrant children from parents who illegally cross the Mexican border, waded into the dispute in Germany with a morning Twitter tirade.

"We in Germany have to admit that we need to get better", said Merkel, adding that the biggest worry was the country's transport sector, which has seen emissions rise slightly compared to 1990.

Trump has criticized Germany's government for many things, like its stance on trade, but this was the first time he openly weighed in on the country's immigration policy.

"We want more sovereignty and unity", Macron said.

Merkel is under pressure from Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU) to achieve a reform of refugee policy at European level - or face early elections. Germany's interior minister and a senior leader of the Bavarian CSU party is Horst Seehofer. She has meetings planned this week with the leaders of Italy and France, and an European Union summit is scheduled June 28-29.

The French president said Paris and Berlin agreed that European Union countries must be able to turn back at their borders all asylum seekers who previously registered in another member country, usually their Mediterranean first port of call.

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"Seehofer's version is all about restoring law and order at the border".

The German commentariat wrote themselves into a Wagnerian Götterdämmerung frenzy.

Backing Merkel on the make-or-break migrant issue, he said France and Germany would seek agreements to ensure newcomers whose details were already in European Union databases "can be taken back as quickly as possible to the country where they were registered".

Italy's government closed its ports to rescue ships and said it prefers to have Frontex working in Africa to prevent people from coming rather than patrol the Mediterranean. Ideologically, they are on the same page as Seehofer's CSU.

Merkel welcomed compromise in the dispute, which has threatened to destabilise a coalition cobbled together just three months ago, and said her Christian Democrat (CDU) party would decide how to proceed after the two-week deadline elapsed.

If Merkel chooses to replace Seehofer as interior minister, it could trigger a crisis and collapse her ruling coalition.

He asserted that crime in Germany has increased by more than 10% "since migrants were accepted", saying that "officials do not want to report these crimes". Susanna was a 14-year-old Jewish girl found raped and murdered near Wiesbaden. The prime suspect is a refugee who fled back to Iraq in the wake of her disappearance. "They don't like reporting that kind of crime so they put it down as different kind of crime", he said. There has been deep disquiet over antisemitic attacks by Muslims in Germany, and this murder - though there is no evidence it was racially motivated - has shamed and angered the nation.

In her fourth term at the helm of Europe's largest economy, Merkel made it clear that she has no intention of being pushed around after an internal power struggle over immigration escalated into a threat to her government. Whether this will be enough to head off the frustration that has spread far beyond the populist fringe is another matter.