Elon Musk promises self-driving Teslas in upcoming software update


With what Musk calls "full self-driving features" the vehicle will be able to drive itself.

The first Roadster was built in 2005 after English manufacturer Lotus agreed to sell bare Elise shells to Tesla.

The vehicle's Autopilot system was activated for about 19 minutes before the crash, the NTSB said.

Tesla's version 9 software should arrive in August, CEO Elon Musk said over the weekend. Most cars lack the lidar sensors and 360-degree cameras that can be used to detect lanes, obstacles, and traffic-sensors that are ubiquitous in autonomous test vehicles. The feature will be available on Tesla cars running Autopilot 2.0, Eletrek noted, which tacks on another $3,000 to the already $5,000 Autopilot 2.0 software.

Furthermore, Musk also wrote in his recent tweet that the small rocket thrusters potentially have the ability to "even allow a Tesla to fly".

After a May 2016 crash in Florida that killed a former Navy SEAL, Autopilot took partial blame in an NTSB probe.

Tesla's Next Roadster Will Feature Actual SpaceX Rocket Thrusters-Elon Musk
Tesla's next software update will add fully self-driving features

As for the flying bit, while the Roadster may be capable of small jumps, Musk has previously spoken against the idea of true flying cars, saying they'd be too noisy and risky.

According to Autopilot Buddy's website, it works on Model S and Model X and the company is developing one for the Model 3. Tesla has also released a second teaser image of the new SUV.

Speaking on behalf of Tesla, Mark Ross of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP listed about two dozen other allegations against the company that were found to be without merit and dismissed.

As to the benefits, Musk noted that "these rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering". Tesla representatives said they are investigating the incident.

The automaker's CEO tweeted over the weekend that the all-electric $200,000 Roadster will be offered with a SpaceX option package that includes approximately "10 small rocket thrusters" installed around the auto that will improve its performance and "maybe will even allow a Tesla to fly". And we think that is enough time for the tech-maverick Elon Musk to figure out how those 10 rockets will blend into the vehicle.

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