EA announces Sea of Solitude


Creative director Cornelia Geppert said: 'When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters. Revealed at EA Play, EA's pre-E3 2018 event, the game deals with loneliness and the struggles associated with it.

News of the game's release date came notably during EA's E3 press conference, and was accompanied by the game's second-ever trailer.

'Embrace your self doubt, in the same way you embrace your hope. Electronic Arts Vice President Patrick Söderlund revealed that although Kay would encounter many monsters throughout the world presented within Sea of Solitude, she would find the external monsters not to be the biggest danger. The goal is to make the emotions she feels as bell ends. We'll find out when Sea of Solitude releases in early 2019.

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"Sea of Solitude" was picked up in 2015 and it has since been in development.

Sea of Solitude is focused around a girl named Kay who undergoes a journey of self-discovery. "This at the core of the story of "SOS" [which is apparently the in-house nickname for the game]".

EA have announced a sequel to 2016's Unravel which is available now, while dropping details of their next original Sea Of Solitude.