DOOM Eternal Announced With Twice the Number of Demons


Again, it's too early to tell, but Bethesda did announce that Doom Eternal will debut at QuakeCon 2018 in August. Members of the team then revealed that they've heard what people from a Doom sequel.

Originally in development as a sequel to 2004's Doom 3, plans for a fourth Doom game were changed to rebooting the franchise after original developer id Software was acquired by Bethesda in 2009. In it we get to a true post-apocalyptic version of Earth - in that the demons from hell have spawned to level our planet.

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Unfortunately for Bethesda, some of its E3 2018 surprises were leaked ahead of time, with Rage 2 prematurely revealed by Walmart Canada. It captures the essence of what made the classic Doom games touchstones of their day, and translates it to suit modern palates with impressively rendered hellscapes and a steady influx of tantalizing upgrades. The game will also feature a soundtrack by Mick Gordon and will see players fighting new and returning enemies across different dimensions.

It shows a the titular Doom Slayer loading up his double-barrel shotgun and ready to wreak havoc onto demons in what appears to be a "Hell on Earth" scenario.