Domino's aims to make delivery easier by paving roads in local communities


Domino's Pizza (now just Domino's) started here in MI in the 1960s, when the state was the center of the automotive universe. The initiative is aimed at 'saving pizza.' Picture courtesy of Domino's Pizza."Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed?" "So we're helping to pave in towns across the country to save your good pizza from these bad roads", Dominos stated on a web page dedicated to the effort.

Domino's says customers who nominate through the site will be notified if their cities are chosen under the grant program, and that cities will receive the funds intended for road repairs. The paved-over potholes are emblazoned with Domino's logo and the company's catchphrase, "Oh yes we did".

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Screenshot from the Paving for Pizza website. Domino's will work with selected municipalities to fix roads that affect customers and their prized pizza. Since potholes, cracks, bumps and other road conditions can cause a pizza box to go flying and ruin the precious contents inside, Domino's launched the Paving for Pizza campaign on Monday, June 11. "We know that feeling is heightened when you're bringing home a carryout order from your local Domino's store", Domino's USA President Russell Weiner said in a statement. If their town is selected, the customer will be notified and the city will receive funds to help fix roads so pizzas make it home safely.

In Milford alone, 40 potholes have already been fixed.