Check Out Upcoming Brawler "Jump Force"


The Shonen Jump characters are coming back together once again in Jump Force, Bandai Namo revealed at Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference. There are plenty of awesome women in manga, and since we aren't getting a magical girl version of this (even though we should), it would be nice to get some representation for the female characters that do exist in the franchises.

While the trailer is very cool, it gives us few to no implications about the nature of the game. The special moves are also thematically and aesthetically appropriate; in my second round I was using Frieza, and I just started peppering Naruto with those ridiculous sniper-shot death beams while he laid face-down on the ground about 30 yards away from me. "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the famous Weekly Jump Magazine, Jump Force is making the most of latest technologies to bring characters to life in a never-seen-before realistic design".

Will Jump Force have the strategic depth that will attract a hardcore Evo contingent?

Jump Force
‘Jump Force’ Brings Anime Icons Together in 2019

That's right. Fight as Goku, Naruto, Luffy or Frieza as you battle to finally answer the question: Which powerful anime character would win in a head-on fight? Dmitri Khlynin, a community guy at Bandai Namco, cleared that up quickly for me. So, by basing the game on the manga itself, Namco doesn't have to worry about poaching any individual licensing fees.

Of course, anime fans are already pointing out the similarities between Jump Force and J-Stars Victory VS.

The Jump Force, an alliance of the most powerful Manga heroes from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and much more.

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