Apple Publishes Revised Cryptocurrency, ICO Guidelines for App Store


Apple has revealed its revised guidelines in a dedicated section for iOS and MacOS apps centered on the cryptocurrency space.

Since the App Store is virtually the only place to acquire software for iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches, Apple's decision will effectively end crypto mining on those devices.

Cryptocurrency mining has been disallowed in App Store apps, unless the processing is performed somewhere other than an Apple device, such as a remote server or cloud provider. Similarly, apps involved in initial coin offerings, bitcoin futures trading, or other cryptocurrency securities trading need to be from the banks, firms, or other approved financial institutions.

Titled Cryptocurrencies, new section 3.1.5 (b) provides five clear rules for what will and won't be allowed in macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps going forward. Earlier in the year, Apple removed Calendar 2 from the Mac App Store because the app would offer mining cryptocurrency on devices in exchange for premium features.

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Apple has just updated its App Store review guidelines related to cryptocurrency, clearly banning the use of any "unrelated background processes", such as cryptocurrency mining, in iPhone and iPad apps as well as in any third party advertisements displayed within them, AppleInsider is reporting. Next, Apple plan on allowing cryptocurrency exchange applications and they even want to allow apps that facilitate initial coin offerings (ICO's), providing they comply with local laws.

And users of Apple devices may still be duped into loading websites that load coin-mining code.

Some are speculating that this change is due, in part, to an open letter recently penned by a group calling themselves the Developers Union that requested Apple overhaul its App Store policies.

Similarly, Apple is also allowing apps to facilitate crypto transactions "on an approved exchange, provided they are offered by the exchange itself". Apps also can not offer cryptocurrencies as a reward for performing certain tasks such as downloading certain apps, or posting messages on social media.