Apple now wants to take care of our digital health


That said, it doesn't help that another rumored feature that developers are going to have at, ARKit 2.0, will allow users to play games with other users in the same augmented reality space.

Announcing news on its website, the Cupertino company said: "Every year, WWDC provides an opportunity for millions of developers to learn more about how to create new experiences across Apple's platforms for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac and HomePod". Multiple reports have suggested Apple is testing a new redesigned iBooks app that will focus on curation.

Whatever Apple does, the software updates likely won't be available for a few months. The latter is becoming especially important as Apple leans more heavily on services - which require more ongoing collaboration than a gadget does - to make its money.

Perhaps the biggest news will come in the form of iOS 12 which will be Apple's next big update for iPhones and iPads. This was announced at the event a year ago, but was limited to a small number of territories. These will appear inside the settings of iOS 12, enabling users to see how much time they spend on a device and within apps. Last year's iOS 11 was all about bringing MacOS-like productivity features to the iPad, such as a file manager app and the new dock that can hold up to 16 icons (apps or folders). This year, we may see some interesting new products.

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Unlike Facebook and Google, Apple's business doesn't depend on gathering data to sell ads (though it does collect user data for ads in places like the App Store).

We're also expecting Apple to reveal a new version of watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.

Additionally, a Digi times report claims that Apple has a new entry 13-inch MacBook model planned with the same Retina display as the existing 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

MacOS might be getting the ability to run iOS apps, as part of Apple's quest to make its computers and phones work more seamlessly together. The OS is likely to get a new dark theme and a dedicated Apple New app. So, it seems like Apple will pull a Google. On its phones, it plans to add more predictive Siri features this year, Bloomberg reported earlier this year. Apple recently poached top Google AI executive John Giannandrea, after criticism about slow feature development compared to the competition.