AMC Theatres unveils $20-a-month subscription to rival to MoviePass


AMC theaters has announced a new proprietary ticket subscription service to rival MoviePass, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

MoviePass has been a controversial but innovative way to get people back to theaters by offering a movie per day all for the cost of $9.99/month subscription.

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In response, a representative for AMC notes how they "understand the comparison, but we're focused on our own program and on delivering the very best, most reliable movie-going value option in the entertainment industry, which is what we believe AMC Stubs A-List provides to our guests". AMC Stubs A-List, to launch June 26, will allow members to view available movies at any US -based AMC location, and in any format, including Imax, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime and BigD. (However, if you don't see three movies in a week, they do not carry over to the following week). Also, you can see the same movie a couple of times, which MoviePass doesn't allow you to do. MoviePass can only be used for 2D screenings.

Under the terms of the agreement between Imax and AMC, the theater chain will ensure there is no reduction in Imax's overall economics. In addition, those members will receive concession discounts and other unnamed (so far) perks. AMC Stubs A-List can be used at the spur of the moment or also can make planning ahead days or weeks in advance possible, as securing tickets is made easy via reservations capabilities on the web site, or on the AMC Theatres smartphone app.