YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature


Now, users are discovering what appears to be fingerprint gestures in the YouTube app on devices running Android P.

Beyond keeping your guilty pleasures a secret, this could also a good way to manage the video suggestions you get on the site.

After enabling the setting, users will be able to see the standard Google incognito mode icon on the top right of the YouTube app. YouTube may make the process much simpler by adding an incognito mode button on the app. If you turn off Incognito or become inactive on YouTube, you'll be back to using your own account.

Recently, Swiftkey has rolled out a new update with incognito mode. Like Google Chrome, YouTube appears to be adding an incognito mode for that exact goal.

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The feature seems to be a test at this time; there's no word on when it may launch for everyone. Enabling the feature prevents any activity from being saved on Google's servers until you manually turn off the option.

According to the report, you will soon be able to access Incognito Mode by tapping on your account avatar image, similar to switching between different accounts.

Secondly, for many years, YouTube has had a History & Privacy setting which will pause recording your viewing and search history. We'll keep an eye on it and see if it shows up for more people. The new change, which appears to be rolling out for select users through a server-side update, is created to disable the watch and search history from the active session.

If you mostly watch YouTube on your iPhone or Android device, here's what to do.