What do you hear? 'Yanny' vs 'Laurel' dividing the internet


"You would have noticed it had both the names appearing on the screen with no other context or information".

Let's just get to the point.

While experts try to reach a conclusion, internet users have come up with their own theories. It's four seconds long. The middle consonant is definitely not an n, Sanker said, but you might hear one because the vowel in front of it sounds particularly nasal.

We chose to poll our Twitter audience to figure out what it hears.

While we think it 100% says "Laurel" loud and clear, plenty of Twitter users think otherwise. "The interesting thing about the word Yanny is that the second frequency that our vocal track produces follows nearly the same path, in terms of what it looks like spectrographically, as Laurel".

What in the world?!

If you spent days of your life debating whether a certain viral dress was blue and black or white and blue in 2015, consider yourself warned that its spiritual successor is now circulating through the Internet.

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The audio illusion popped up on Reddit a few days ago.

So what's going on here?

Some people say they hear the word "Yanny", while some others say they hear the word "Laurel".

I personally am able to hear both.

So that would explain it, we suppose.

"Most likely the original recording was "Laurel"," he claimed.