Watch Ronda Rousey In New Trailer for Her Upcoming Movie 'Mile 22'


The group is tasked with getting Iko Uwais' character to safety on the airstrip, all while another mysterious character is causing chaos around the city attempting to take out Wahlberg and the rest of Overwatch.

A brand new trailer has arrived for the star-studded Mile 22.

Mark Wahlberg has flexed his comedy muscles in films such as "Ted" and "Daddy's Home", but he's in full-on "action hero" mode for his latest film, the espionage thriller "Mile 22". The trailer informs us that Overwatch exists as a "third option" when neither standard military nor diplomatic options will work.

"According to the government, we do not exist", Wahlberg says.

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This will be the former UFC Champ's fourth movie she has appeared in.

"I'm totally calm", says Wahlberg's Central Intelligence Agency operative James Silva in this new trailer for the upcoming Mile 22.

They worked together on three movies in the last five years. Mile 22 looks like a lot of fun. That was the point in time where Hollywood was starting to question Ronda Rousey's ability to carry a feature film, and as a result, her role was downsized considerably from what would have been a star vehicle for her.

We don't have too much longer to wait to see more of Mile 22. It hits theaters on August 3.