WATCH French Family Miraculously Escape a Group of Cheetahs During Safari Tour


One of the cheetahs follows closely behind, lunging at the family as they scrambled to get back inside their auto. The cheetahs then got up and started moving towards them in a menacing fashion.

First tourists stopped the auto directly next to the cheetahs and coming out of it, began to photograph the animals.

They all run for their lives, bar one of the women, who is seen picking up the youngest child and shooing the cheetahs away as she strides to the auto.

Fortuitously, the household made it simply in time.

Beekse Bergen manager Niels de Wildt told Dutch radio station NOS the group had been incredibly lucky, not least of all that the cheetahs are well fed.

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A spokesperson for the safari park said they inform visitors about the risk of leaving their cars in several languages throughout the park.

She added that it was a "miracle" that they managed to escape without a scratch.

"But in the end, they do respond to this exceptional visit - and these people have been incredibly lucky".

Commenting on the incident, the press service of the safari park stated that each visitor receives a detailed instruction on how to behave during a safari tour and noted that the incident was a clear example of people's careless attitude neglect of their own safety.

"In the first instance they have the same reaction as when someone rings in unexpectedly, they think, "Hey, something odd is happening in our territory". The predators use speed to their advantage when targeting prey.