US offers Kim aid in exchange for nukes


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dangled the prospect of a far brighter future for North Korea if leader Kim Jong Un abandons his nation's nuclear weapons program after a summit with President Donald Trump in Singapore next month.

And he also says he told Kim that the USA and North Korea don't have to be enemies forever.

"In turn, Washington's representatives have stated on many occasions that any USA concessions will follow only after North Korea fully gives up its nuclear program", the expert said. A Florida State University expert is available to discuss the implications of the summit and the likelihood of meaningful progress toward denuclearization. Later that year, in six-party talks, including China, Russia, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, Pyongyang committed to abandoning all nuclear weapons and nuclear programs. "North Korea summit", Kang said.

The press secretary said South Korean officials would not be present at the June summit.

President Trump calls the release of three Korean-Americans, a special moment for world peace.

Singapore will also be an acceptable choice to China, North Korea's only major ally, which wields a strong influence despite its physical absence from next month's proceedings. "The United States and North Korea have previously held meetings there, and the infrastructure is well placed to hold a summit meeting".

Despite the high probability of a meeting between the USA and North Korean leaders, it is yet unclear whether the sides will be able to reach agreement, the expert noted. Kim has said that North Korea now has the capability to strike the continental United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met Moon on April 27 and Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this week, in a surprise visit to the Chinese coastal city of Dalian.

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"So, in order to achieve that, it will require a robust verification programme and one that we will undertake with partners around the world, which will achieve that outcome in a way that frankly no agreement before it has ever set forth".

Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, is pledging to boost cultural exchanges with his country's neighbors to the north.

"You have had more subsequent conversations with Kim Jong Un than arguably any other Westerner", the reporter said to Pompeo. -North Korean summit "will become an important step to attain long-term stability in the region".

The release of Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul removed one obstacle, providing Trump with evidence that his twin-track policy of engagement and "maximum pressure" is working. That meeting has since been set for June 12 in Singapore.

The Blue House source did not explain why Panmunjom was ultimately taken off the list, but foreign media outlets have cited American officials saying they feared it would unnecessarily give the spotlight to Seoul.

In contrast, the 2015 deal Trump rejected this week led to a drastic reduction in Tehran's nuclear programme, and the IAEA has repeatedly confirmed that that Iran was in compliance with the deal. To the USA, that means the North giving up the nuclear weapons it has already built.