US Diplomat, Involved in Car Crash, Leaves Pakistan


The diplomat has since left for Afghanistan on a special flight.

United States defence attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, who was earlier barred from flying out on an American military aircraft by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), was reportedly allowed by the government to leave on Monday, DawnNewsTV reported quoting diplomatic sources.

The US Embassy in Islamabad also confirmed that the US diplomat has left Pakistan, the report said. Another passenger on the bike was injured.

Hall was reportedly a certified envoy who enjoys diplomatic immunity, and the criminal, civil, and administrative laws of Pakistan are not applicable to the U.S. envoy.

Hall, a US Defense and Air Attache, had violated two traffic light offenses on the afternoon of April 7, ramming two motorcyclists with his white armored SUV in Islamabad. But as a furore here grew over the accident, he was barred from leaving the country, and Pakistani officials said he faced criminal charges.

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Hall had been barred from flying out of Pakistan on Saturday.

Dr. Mohammad Faisal, a spokesman for the Foreign Office, had also pointed out that under the articles dealing with diplomatic immunity in the Vienna Convention, the possibility of holding Hall in Pakistan for criminal proceedings was unlikely. The matter was also discussed during the last visit of United States official Alice Wells.

The United States and Pakistan imposed travel restrictions on each other's diplomats last week as the dispute continued to simmer. Pakistan's criminal, civil, and administrative laws are not applicable to the U.S. envoy.

Relations between Washington and Islamabad have been in the spotlight since US President Donald Trump's New Year's Day tweet, where he accused Pakistan of 'lies and deceit'.