Three, two, one: New ways to control Google Pixel Buds


Google is adding three features in the latest update to the Pixel Buds.

"Our store's ethos shares a lot in common with Google: we're playful, innovative, community-oriented and delightfully Canadian", says Carlo Colacci, co-founder of Drake General Store in a statement sent to MobileSyrup. Simply double tap the right earbud will skip the now playing song, so it's a great way to navigate through a playlist without needing to take out your phone.

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The store opens May 16th and is located at 1151 Queen St. When the software update arrives, users will be able to change the function of the double-tap. To setup this new feature, head to the Pixel Buds settings within the Google Assistant app on your phone and enable double-tap to skip to the next track. Your earbuds will disconnect from the device you were using and connect to the other one. So if you want to continue using the double tapping action to hear notifications you can.

These updates are rolling out starting today, with full availability by early next week. They're obviously primarily for listening to music, but they also support the Google Assistant and the wide range of features it offers too. The new firmware will download in the background, and the next time you place your Buds in their case, the earphones will install the new firmware.