Texas leaders want more screening and more guns to prevent more shootings


Cecilia "Cissy" Reynolds-Perez, principal of Ray High School in Corpus Christi and a board member of the Texas School Safety Center, hopes the discussion will cover how staffing ratios and school environment contribute to student stress.

"Even through her death, she will continue to be a diplomat".

"I still think he's very confused about the incident".

Senior Pastor Brad Drake said before Sunday's worship that the church's objective is to "offer hope and healing that we understand only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ".

The association says it has reached out to Santa Fe ISD's police chief and is awaiting a call to help provide services. "Nobody can look you in the eyes and tell you it's OK". This is the American people. And it thrust Santa Fe and its population of 13,000 people into the center of the intractable battle over firearms, the nuance of which Delgado worries will be lost again in the country's caustic, us-versus-them political climate. And we can put a man on the moon and aircraft on Mars.

The newspaper received mixed reactions from the public, with some praising it for condemning gun violence in the USA, and others referring to it as "sickening".

The lieutenant governor of Texas appeared to blame violent video games for school shootings in a comment that equated abortion and gun violence.

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"We have 50 million abortions", he told CNN on Sunday. We care about our kids, we care about our communities, we care about our families. "And we stand here and we wonder why this happens to certain students".

Santa Fe Independent School District Police Chief Walter Braun said Monday Barnes was in the intensive care unit after surgery. A fellow football player said he'd been joking around with the suspect just the day before on a field trip, while another classmate described him as "really odd and quiet" and says she wasn't surprised that he was the one who allegedly carried out the attack.

Thomas said that his daughter did not have any feelings for Pagourtzis and as a result he could not comprehend why he would keep coming back to Fisher to ask her the same question. "He continued to get more aggressive". Though she supports strengthening gun laws as a way to prevent mass shootings, Butler and other student advocates opted not to engage in such a divisive debate while the city is in mourning.

Pagourtzis has provided authorities with little information about the shootings, his attorney Nicholas Poehl said, adding: "Honestly because of his emotional state, I don't have a lot on that". It's not too soon to talk about guns.

The people hospitalized included retired Houston police Officer John Barnes, who served as a resource officer at the school and confronted the gunman.

Zion Kelly is a high school student in Washington, D.C., whose twin brother was killed in an attempted mugging in September.

"Anybody wants to hear their heart stop and see how long they can not breathe, wait till that phone call comes in, until you know they're safe", he said.