Texas considers how to prevent school shootings


Incidents related to gun violence have spiked in the USA in the recent past, the latest one being a 17-year-old shooter killing 10 people, including a teacher and a foreign exchange student from Pakistan Sabika Sheikh, at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

The students who survived the Parkland shooting weren't too young that they could be dismissed as being told what to say by adults (although that happened) or too old that they could be accused of having a political agenda (although that happened too). A law enforcement official told CNN that authorities are still trying to determine whether that's the case.

Greg Abbott on Tuesday kicked off the first of three roundtable discussions on school safety in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shootings. He is charged with capital murder of 10 people - eight students and two teachers. Somebody probably came and hurt him, and since he was a solid boy, I don't know what could have happened. He says his son didn't drink and never got into fights. When the father asked why he was leaving early, Dimitrios replied, "I'm off, I love you and I'll see you in the afternoon", Pagourtzis told Antenna. He said last week that he wants to find ways to keep guns away from those who pose an "immediate danger to others". The suspect and officers did not exchange gunfire during the negotiation, the sheriff said.

"I believe Gov. Abbott, he's going to take us forward", Reynolds-Perez said.

The cause of death for each victim was gunshot wounds, according to John Florence, chief investigator for the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office.

Watt led efforts to raise more than $37 million for victims of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Houston a year ago. He's referring to the memorials that have been set up outside of Santa Fe High School to pay tribute to the lives lost.

Santa Fe. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for a moment of silence at 10 a.m. Monday morning to remember the victims of
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Abbott and Texas Republicans have embraced a steady relaxation of gun laws in recent years.

They included trying to provide a grant to the Texas School Safety Center to train local school districts and law enforcement agencies on collaboration, creating a statewide threat assessment system, expanding a Lubbock program aimed at preventing at-risk students from committing violent acts and creating a list of recommendations for all schools on how they can immediately make their schools safer, like re-evaluating entrances and exits and placing law enforcement inside schools.

Abbott started the meeting in Austin by discussing the format. But Abbott's call to do "more than just pray" for the victims comes in a state that has fully embraced its gun culture and resisted previous attempts to scale it back.

Leigh Wall, the superintendent of the district about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of Houston, said in a letter to parents Tuesday that teachers and support staff will be working to prepare for the return of students next Tuesday.

These are the people who forced change in Vermont, persuading Gov. Phil Scott to require a criminal background check for every gun sale in the state, and who, in Florida, successfully pushed for a red-flag law and raised the minimum age to buy a gun to 21.

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