Stephen Hawking's memorial service: An invitation to time travellers


'I have experimental evidence that time travel is not possible,' hawking told reporters at the seattle science festival in 2012.

Hawking famously staged a party for time travellers in 2009, complete with champagne and a banner saying, "Welcome time travellers".

Organisers of Prof Stephen Hawking's memorial service have seemingly left the door open for time travellers to attend.

The public ballot form for tickets lets people scroll from 1918 to 2038 when choosing their date of birth.

His ashes are being interred on June 15 at London's Westminster Abbey, by the graves of fellow scientific giants Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

London travel blogger IanVisits was among those who noticed the quirk that allows people born more than 20 years into the future to apply.

"No one came, but it seems ideal that now the reminder service's website will be able to assist people born in the future".

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The invitation read: "You are cordially invited to a reception for time travellers to be hosted by Professor Stephen Hawking". After the service, Westminster Abbey will be open to the public, so they can pay their respects at his grave.

And it doesn't appear to be an error, according to the Stephen Hawking Foundation. "All things are possible until proven otherwise", said the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

The representative also indicated that, so far, about 12,000 applications have been received "from around the world", and jokingly stressed that they are "from around the world" since people "who believe that the Earth is flat" will not come.

This memorial service isn't the first time Hawking has been linked with time travelers.

In January previous year, Prof Hawking posted a touching tribute to his family, friends and others who have "helped and supported me along the way and made my universe so full of life, love and energy". Arguably the most famous scientist in recent times, Hawkings was well known for his research on black holes which further helped scientists all around the globe to unravel secrets of the universe.

Hawking's funeral already took place back on March 31 in Cambridge, but now it's time for the final farewell - and interment of the ashes.