Steam Games to be Playable on Mobile Devices via Free App


No that's not a typo. While the blog post that reveals this seemingly revolutionary app is surprisingly short and doesn't mention exactly how the service will work and what games it will support, it seems like this app is created to function like a digital version of the Steam Link device - or a Steam Machine - that works with hardware you most likely already own.

Valve have announced two new apps coming to mobile devices "in the coming weeks", meant to let you make use of your Steam library on iOS and Android.

What we're picturing in our heads is a Steam Link but on your phone and tablet - a game-changing feature for Valve's Steam platform. The Steam Link app will also support the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and other accessories once it is available later this month.

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We'll give the Steam Link app a test run when it's out in a couple weeks.

The new apps for Android and iOS devices will allow players to stream PC games to their phones, opening up a wide range of possibilities in terms of portable play. Valve didn't offer much in the way of additional details - but, with the release date for the app so close, Valve would probably rather us wait to test the software for ourselves instead of posting a convoluted explainer that could be subject for misinterpretation.

Why these two apps were quietly announced via a press release on a random Wednesday in anyone's guess, but as soon as we have a chance to get our hands on them (especially Steam Link), we'll report back with impressions. Most times, if there's money to be made on hardware, a company will take it.