STALKER 2 announced (again)


The Stalker series is attempting a comeback! It's not now known which platforms it'll be available on (aside from most likely being on PC) but in any case Stalker 2 is planned to come out in 2021.

We say "another" because STALKER 2 was actually announced back in 2010, when the studio confirmed it was building the game using a new engine. This means that the game probably wont be out for another few years.

Yesterday we reported on a "gorgeous and terrifying" visual overhaul mod for Stalker: Call of Pripyat that brings a suite of updated visual effects to the cult-classic shooter.

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S. T. A. L. K. E. a series of games based on the story "roadside picnic" of science fiction Strugatsky brothers. Though the first game, Metro 2033, was rough around the edges, its sequel, Metro: Last Light, surpassed it in terms of sales. CEO of game developer GSC_Game World, Sergei Grigorovich on his official page in Facebook said that the game development is in full swing.

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