‘SPYGATE’: President Trump SLAMS the ‘Criminal Deep State’


Separately on Wednesday, Mueller's prosecutors asked a federal judge to start the process of sentencing former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who has been a key witness in the investigation since his plea past year to lying to the FBI.

Best-case scenario, a counterintelligence investigation focused on Russian election tampering organically led to members of the Trump campaign and FBI resources were dispatched to investigate.

"We now call it 'Spygate.' You're calling it 'Spygate, '" Trump beamed inaccurately, on the South Lawn.

Initially, the justice and intelligence officials agreed to White House requests for a briefing only for two Republican House members.

"No, no. We're not undercutting", Trump said. "They're going to endure any kind of test". House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff said Flood's involvement was "entirely improper". Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may hope that is enough to avoid a showdown.

The Post identified the informant as a retired American professor who has worked with the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency for years and helped the Russian Federation investigation before and after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's appointment.

A congressional aide said conservative allies of the President - including Meadows and Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, both of whom appealed to Trump directly last week for help in Republicans' quest for documents - remain concerned that they won't ultimately get their hands on documents they sought Trump's help to obtain, citing fears that the summit this week will not involve an actual review of the records. He was there in place of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, who received a last-minute invitation.

The DOJ announcement capped a day of furious negotiations over the Thursday meeting for Nunes and Gowdy. A spokeswoman for Ryan, AshLee Strong, said he would attend the first meeting instead of the second one.

Nunes attended both briefings Thursday. "What is the point of the separate briefing if not to cause partisan trouble?"

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Schumer said in a statement.

In particular, the presence of Nunes, who was forced to step aside from oversight of the Russian Federation investigation for much of 2017 after an ethics complaint over disclosure of classified information, raised concern from Democrats.

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani switched gears Wednesday, saying that he would prefer the president grant an interview to special counsel Robert Mueller's office and that a decision would be made within "the next couple weeks".

Yates called Trump's inquiry "truly unprecedented", adding that the move is a step "beyond a risky point because it's not just directing a criminal investigation or to stop one but anyone, it directly relates to his campaign". They go after Phony Collusion with Russian Federation, a made up Scam, and end up getting caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before! "What goes around, comes around!" tweeted the President Wednesday.

It remains unclear what, if any, spying was done. "When [people like Halper] are put into case files within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they have a code name or a number", she said, adding: "There's a vault somewhere where people's sources can be matched up to their name".

"Meanwhile, the Associated Press revealed this week that the president recently told a confidante that he wanted "'to brand" the informant a "spy, ' believing the more nefarious term would resonate more in the media and with the public'".

GOP congressional sources said Trump's latest intervention might actually make the Justice Department less inclined to hand over the documents requested by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

Getting back to the South Lawn Q&A, another reporter said former FBI Director James Comey has taken issue with Trump's morning Twitter output. "How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?". The FBI is a fantastic institution, but some of the people at the top were rotten apples.