Senate passes bill calling for Ottawa to back Trans Mountain | Regulatory


"Maybe, I'm just an acquaintance", he says.

"They're still reserving the right to play legal rope-a-dope until the cows come home", she said.

Moreover the wording of the Act insisted that the motivation was (as the title had it) "preserving Canada's economic prosperity" and (as the preamble had it) "maximizing value of Alberta's natural energy resources".

"We feel that it is important to directly and in person express our serious disagreement to Premier Horgan over the actions of the B.C. government to obstruct the Trans Mountain pipeline", he said in a statement Tuesday. The reference question concerns provincial autonomy, particularly the rights of British Columbia to regulate the environmental and economic impacts of heavy oils, like diluted bitumen, transported through the province.

Alberta has passed legislation allowing it to limit fuel exports to B.C., but British Columbia countered by announcing plans for a lawsuit that would declare Alberta's legislation unconstitutional.

It's imperative that Kinder Morgan is able to "finish what it started" and build the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline project, the president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce told BNN Bloomberg in an interview Wednesday.

Notley says she is not attending the meeting on Wednesday because her time is better spent making sure the Trans Mountain pipeline project goes ahead.

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Trudeau could have prevented much of this affair by taking a far more aggressive stance against the Horgan government from the outset. "If Alberta did take the remarkable step of attempting to use this law, we are prepared to immediately file and injunction".

"It's very interesting, on one hand they don't want our oil and on the other hand they're suing us to give them our oil", Alberta premier Rachel Notley said Tuesday. "In order to protect and improve the things that matter to people, like pharmacare, we need a strong, functioning national economy".

Only a week before the May 31st deadline set by Kinder Morgan to possibly pull the plug expansion, Horgan is not saying what BC will do if his government loses a legal battle over jurisdiction.

The Alberta government has been putting pressure on BC for the past few months, instituting a boycott on BC wines, raising pro-pipeline billboards in BC, and, most recently, passing legislation that would cut off BC's supply of Alberta oil.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said last week that he wants to speak about the pipeline's benefits when he's at the conference.

She is calling on the federal Liberal government to get the project to move forward.