Ryan Coogler Is Interested In A Female 'Black Panther' Spinoff


For a major scene in "Black Panther", director Ryan Coogler took a page from Steven Spielberg's book - but not one of the legendary director's big-budget adventure films!

Sheesh, maybe Chadwick Boseman can finally get a break.

"In preparing the film, Coogler said he realized that the story of Black Panther" - about a young man ascending to a family throne - bore many similarities to The Godfather.

Killmonger would've easily washed Wakanda if wasn't for the handsome, Black, and powerful #WomenofWakanda.

The part where T'challa was left for dead and viewers were totally just following the women.

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Noting that Hollywood theories can't be challenged "if you don't have anything that disproves it", Coogler said in a conversation on stage that he hopes Black Panther is the groundbreaking force many say it is, disproving the old myths that black films "don't travel overseas".

He continued to point out one part of the movie that showed that idea could work.

'You feel like you're watching something fresh and new. "That part of it was exciting". Especially women of color. "That would be incredible if the opportunity came up", as Variety notes.

The film would be very empowering for girls all around the world. Marvel Comics is already working on Wakanda Forever: The Amazing Spider-Man for this summer.

Hopefully, this really happens. She was the best d.p. we could get at the time, and I thought I was getting somebody unbelievable, but she turned out to be incredible, just phenomenal in every way, and our dispositions kind of matched each other.