PUBG's 4×4 map "Codename: Savage" officially renamed "Sanhok"


Our new, 4x4km island map is coming back to test servers, and this time it has a new name.

That's not all, though, as they have finally chosen a name for their new project. The 4x4 kilometer map that was formerly called "Savage" has been officially named "Sanhok".

If not already known, Sanhok will be 4×4 in size, only 25% the size of the current maps and will cause a lot more manic in games. "From that inspiration, and by combining the Thai word for "fun", สนุก (pronounced sah-nook) and the Tagalog word for "chicken", manok (pronounced mah-nok), the official name of the map, Sanhok, was born". The title of the locale is inspired by the map's origins, which is in turn inspired by a wide variety of islands across southeast Asia.

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On May 7th the developers announced that "Codename: Savage" has reached yet another landmark moment in its development and that another round of play testing will begin on May 10th. Currently, Erangel and recently released Miramar are the only playable maps in the popular battle royale game.

To participate in the latest test, players will need to own a copy of PUBG on Steam.

Overall, PUBG Corps said that the map's full reelase is "only a couple of months away", so this should at least give some time for PUBG players to check out Sanhok and cure their itch for a new map sometime soon.