Patent application hints that Microsoft's folding phone could have three screens


Other companies have been heard to also join the bandwagon like Lenovo with those flexible displays and devices, ZTE with the Axon Multy dual-screen phone, LG, Google, OPPO, and just recently, Huawei.As for Lenovo, there was that foldable folio tablet prototype shown off in a video past year.

Microsoft in comparison to Samsung, Google along with Apple had filed more patents and is serious about the foldable smartphone concept with the new OS to be termed as "Window Core OS".

The design will include a long rectangular screen that can be folded for a phone-like experience or unfolded to work like a tablet. It will display a dual image which would have at least one bendable connection element following an S shaped path when in the form of a tablet.

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To recall, in February this year, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing had hinted at a press meeting during Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, that Motorola will be focussing on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months. It was approved earlier in March of this year and what you're seeing in the images are similar to the prototype before. There is a camera at the top left of the device.

The device has a hinge found at the top and bottom while the battery is found in the right part. Not only will the case act as a protection for the screens that are due for exposure due to the folding-out design, it will also allow a user to "tent" the smartphone on a flat surface so two displays can be accessed when seated on both sides of the tablet. There doesn't appear to be any detail in the patent about a possible name for this device or when it might make a debut, but with the patent having been granted and published recently it's entirely possible that Lenovo and Motorola Mobility are advancing the development on this device. It can be wirelessly charged via the special. The patent shows that the flexible screen get wrapped around a hinge and it comes with a cover that could be used to protect the display or to support the phone as a stand.