Parmanu to be released in 300 screens in Pakistan


John Abraham dropped the trailer on his Twitter profile. "For a glimpse of this incredible story watch the #ParmanuTrailer Now!" The film is based on the biggest secret mission ever undertaken by the Indian Government where five nuclear bombs were tested in the Pokhran range in 1998.

With the release date locked, John Abraham along with the film's director Abhishek Sharma launched the film's trailer on Friday, in Mumbai.

Boman Irani's voice announces that whoever takes up "this" job will not get any rewards, medals or even designations.

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John added, "Yes, we are (releasing the movie in Pakistan)". While the subject is quite intriguing, the lengthy trailer makes it rather tiresome. The makers of the film chose May 11 as the date to unveil the trailer, as this day marks 20 years of the completion of Parmanu testing been done. Operation Shakti, as it was called, was carried out despite worldwide pressure on India to not go forward with the tests. The event may not be discussed much, but it certainly put India on the course to become a nuclear power. But due to some restrictions, we have not kept the real name and the real character because the film based on a very sensitive issue.

Parmanu, a film that will narrate the story of India's first nuclear tests at Pokhran, has delivered a peep into the lives of the nation's heroes and their untold story about making India a "nuclear state". It was first pushed to February 23, 2018, and then to April 6. They are releasing the film together and the trailer is just getting us more excited for the film.