NFL Will Fine Teams if Players Don't Stand for National Anthem


"For me, I always stand for the anthem", Peko told reporters. "I think we've come out at a place that we as a group and the league are comfortable with".

Goodell said the National Football League would levy fines against teams if players came onto the field and did not stand for the anthem, with teams deciding what punishment if any to pass along to kneeling players. "I believe that the union is going to go back and forth with them and we should just all stay in the locker room".

"I think it's a good thing as far as just giving people their own choice", Hurns said.

"I look at this whole thing and think, 'What are you doing?"' he continued.

"You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem".

Players said the protests were against police brutality of African Americans.

Similar demonstrations spread across the league, where most players are African American.

After months of debate over national anthem protests in the NFL, owners of all 32 teams have approved a new policy that requires players on the field to stand during "The Star-Spangled Banner".

The policy also states teams can develop their own rules regarding personnel who choose not to stand during the anthem, as long as it is in conjunction with the new league-wide policies.

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The Colts don't have many players on their roster who like to cause distractions. The Cowboys were not one of those teams.

The NBA sent a memo to teams reinforcing its anthem rule in 2017.

The movement gained momentum a year later when President Donald Trump referred to those who took the knee as "sons of b*****s" who should "get off the field right now". Perhaps it's payback for being deposed last week by Colin Kaepernick's lawyers in the former QB's collusion case against the NFL. I probably shouldn't get on a tangent, but a lot of people have died for that flag and that flag represents our country and what we stand for. "And to make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. We must continue to work together in creative and dynamic ways to make our communities stronger and better with equal opportunities for all".

However, Johnson said Jets' players are free to protest without fear of National Football League or team fines. They think the policy is contradictory and they plan to challenge it in the event it violates the collective bargaining agreement the two parties have agreed to.

"Pence, who left an Indianapolis Colts game after players kneeled previous year, posted a screenshot of the news and captioned it "#winning" on Twitter.

"Good job taking away a person's right to free speech, a tenant that America was built on", Renee Dugas Davis responded to a FOX4 Facebook post. "Thank you NFL", Pence tweeted, adding the hashtag "ProudToStand".

The change will remove existing regulations that require all footballers to be on the field for the anthem. "We have to stay unified". Trying to find a common ground, at some point, is the goal. "There's no penalty for that, but we are going to encourage all of them to be on the field".

"For us, we're going to close concession sales during the national anthem", he said in a video interview on ESPN. This is a passionate issue. I would ask people to think about their personal careers and what would need to happen for them to put those careers in jeopardy.

The NFL Players Association released a statement shortly after the rule was announced, saying the NFL did not consult the players' union in the decision-making process.